Wednesday, May 2, 2007

A new blog site to for Skate Life....

It's been eight months since we launched the website. Progress has been pretty good all things considered. It was high time to get a blog site up and running since we are considering to start raising funds for building skateparks in Memphis. In the next few weeks I'll be trying to get everyone up to speed as to what has happened. We also need to start brainstorming for ways to raise funds. The ultimate goal in my mind is to get as many neighborhood skateparks ( skateparks that are 10000 squarefeet or less) as well as one world class skatepark downtown. Let's see how we can do this.

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Joanna said...

This whole endeavor is commendable and certainly a needed addition to inner city Memphis, where there is an absence positive activities for youth and children. The Louisville, Kentucky park offers just such a model. Hopefully some of the fund raising will be the result of corporate or "for profit" investors committing capital and volunteers to make this happen. There is never a lack of money only a lack of commitment to the greater good not just the bottom line. Best wishes, Skatelife Memphis.
—An interested observer in California