Thursday, July 19, 2007

Numbers that make you cry

Comparing San Jose to Memphis

San Jose is a city that in 2002 was named the safest big city in the U.S. and has a comparable population and size to Memphis.
San Jose and Memphis both have populations around 1 million and their square mileage is close.

I checked the San Jose homepage and they have in their plans to build 10 skate parks within the next few years. They are currently building California's largest concrete skate park. Their vision is that every community or neighborhood should have it's own skate park just like a baseball field or basketball court.

Thats what I'd like to see in Memphis but honestly it may have to wait another decade or so until all the younger skaters grow
up and demand the likes. You see there are not too many old dudes like myself that skate around here, whereas there is a HUGE population of "older" skaters in California that are now in the position to be major advocates not only for their sport but for their kids that are now skating. You want the perfect example of this happening? The former Mayor's (of Louisville) son skateboards- next thing you know Louisville has the biggest park in the U.S.

I don't see in the very near future the average Memphian trading in their golf clubs, grill or hunting gear to go skate so maybe we'll just have to keep waiting. Perhaps we'll get a Mayor who's kids skate, that could help. In the meantime, it' off to California for two weeks with the family. I'll try and get some pictures posted on the construction of the San Jose Skate park. Zach Wormhoudt ( the designer for Louisville) said he might give us a short tour of the progress they are making.....for us it's but a dream back here.


Stacey Greenberg said...

we may be going to visit relatives in san jose over thanksgiving--you have totally made me want to do a tour of the skate parks! fun.

i'm sure i told you but my hubby is 40 and grew up skating in san jose. i'm sure he'd love to have another old dude to skate with around here.

i know two other old dudes who skate too. did anyone ever tell you about the indoor skate park that was on braod until just a few years ago? maybe 5 years?

can't wait to see all the pictures.

also i want to see pictures of the bowl (ramp? half pipe?) in your backyard...

Aaron said...

That would be fun to have a skate session with the old dudes or a general hang-out for everyone interested including maybe some teaching for you kids.

You can find some pictures of my backyard halfpipe in theBackyard pictures gallery.

I'll keep posting more pictures of the CA skate tour.

I can give you a list of skate parks that would be fun to visit without having to drive to far from San Jose.

I heard about the old skate park. I've heard someone still has the ramps somewhere...