Saturday, January 19, 2008

Desoto County 2 skate parks: Memphis 0

Today the Commercial reported on the growing skater population in Desoto County.
Why? It's simple they have two skate parks within 5 miles of each other. One in Hornlake and the other in Southhaven. Yes Cordova and Germantown skate parks are in Shelby County but they are far from any Memphian living in the City. In reality they are about the same distance as going from Memphis to the Desoto County Skateparks.

The article focuses on the economic impact of these small parks. We've been preaching this message for awhile. Imagine what a very large regional park could do for Memphis?

We're not surprised with what skating has done for this Desoto business. With 800 parks being built nationwide this year skating shows no signs of slowing down.

If you are interested in the article check it out here

We are about to embark on a shorter term strategy that will require everyone's participation. Stay tuned!

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kimc said...

While it is in important for every city to have a skatepark, it is MORE important that each city has a well-designed, well-constructed skatepark. Yes, DeSoto County has 2 skateparks but they lack in being well-designed (no flow) and well-constructed (modular parks are a temporary solution to a permanent problem).