Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A skate park for all

I just finished reading Smart City and they eloquently described what we flushed out in our "facing the brutal facts" post.

I did want to clarify a post that was made regarding the intended use of the proposed Mud Island Skate park. We would want to see users from all types of wheeled-persuasions using this park. That includes roller-bladers, roller-skaters, skate boarders and bicycles. We are pushing for the full South end to be used so that there is enough room to design elements that would be used best by specific activities. For example a concrete launch ramp would be favored by bikers. A snake run or concrete wave would be well used not by just skaters but by roller-skaters and blader. Louisville was designed like this and the new San Jose skate park embraces this approach even more. See below...

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