Thursday, April 17, 2008

Skate park demo hosted by Memphis Parks and Rec

On April 24th. The Memphis Parks and Recreation Department will be hosting a skate park demo.

Everyone please attend and show your community support. Watch the skaters, rollers skaters come out of the woodwork to show their stuff.

It's progress, so let's celebrate!

Location: Fairgrounds


Smackie Chan said...

Memphis Roller Derby plans to show their support!

Aaron said...

Awesome! I'll try to get better directions once Parks and Rec has decided where on the Fairgrounds the event will be held.

Kerry said...

maybe try to contact local news stations and get some coverage. channel 5 did a little piece for the germantown skatepark before it opened back in 97 or 98

Aaron said...

Thanks Kerry. I left an email message for them. Let's hope they get back with us.

MRC-T said...

Is this still on with the rain? And have they decided where on the fairgrounds it will be?