Sunday, January 25, 2009

Eat and skate local

Last week I started a website for buying local foods and products in Memphis.

So what's the connection with skating?

Well with the site we could eventually hold fundraisers based on proceeds from sales.
For now I see it as a great place to sell stuff, skate and hang out.

Here is the basic idea:

For all those interested we are starting a "Locally Grown Market" to promote and provide a place for selling stuff that you have made or grown. Click here to check it out.

This could be bread you've baked, produce you have grown, a hand made skate board, jewelry, soap or whatever has been carefully crafted or grown by your own hands. Here is an example of a market that's currently up and running.

How does it work?

1.You sign up and become a member which allows you to buy or sell stuff on our website. There is no cost for becoming a member or seller. The market get's 10% of sales. A third of that 10% goes to the hosting service for the online site, while the other 2/3 goes to running the physical market. This is a not-for-profit effort.

2. After products are pre-ordered online, each week we will meet at a host location which will likely be a backyard. Money will be collected on that day by the sellers. Hopefully we'll get some backyards with halfpipes to skate too! And maybe some music!

3. When we get enough people signed up and the location determined, we'll make the official announcement for when people can start buying products online.

Please take some time to check it out and pass it onto friends who support keeping dollars in the local economy.

How is this really different then the Memphis Farmer's Market?


The market is free and therefore gives sellers with very small amounts of products an immediate presence in the "market."

We are like an EBAY online and more of a "garage sale" offline.

Everything is already sold!

Buyers know exactly what they want and sellers only need to show up if they have pre-ordered products to sell.

Will it succeed ?

We'll see.

Expect an email soon regarding the Mud Island meeting. Very important meeting will need to be well attended.

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