Monday, February 16, 2009

Long live the SPOM bowl!

As many of you know the the SPOM bowl was thought to have died an untimely death when the Skate park of Memphis shut its doors forever back in May 2008. Well, it managed to survive in a dismantled state for several months in an outside south Memphis location.

About a month ago, to my surprise, a friend informed me that he was going to rebuild the bowl with his crew ( Mike, Aaron (not me), Jeff and others). Thanks guys for working so hard.

Yesterday I went over with my son to my friend's place to skate the newly refurbished SPOM bowl.

The bowl ride is insanely fast and still very slick since the surface is so new. A big thanks to my friend's wife for putting up with people being in her back yard for three days straight. Wow! My own wife can handle about one other skater a week coming over to skate our backyard pipe so my friend's spouse is one incredibly tolerant generous lady.

Mud Island meeting in March

In the meantime, stay tuned for the Mud Island public planning meeting. We'll announce the meeting date when it's made known to the public.

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