Monday, April 6, 2009

Update on Public Skate Park

Yesterday I got the green light from our Parks director to give an update on the Skate park project. Here is where we stand:

1. The CIP money approved for the skate park in 2008 will be available for this year.
2. One of our key project managers, Mel Scheuerman, in the Department of Engineering who was working on the project was seriously injured in an auto accident. He is slowly recovering. His injury delayed the project by about 6 months. We are grateful he is ok and understand the delay.
3. Due to his injury, he will have to "catch-up" with his projects so any new contracts that need to be signed will have to wait until July 09.
4. We don't have a location for the skate park as of yet.
5. We don't know when ground breaking will be but hope that it will be sometime this fall.

I strongly urge you to contact Mel and let him know how much this project means to you. You see, city engineers are in charge of many projects so it's easy for projects to get "lost in the shuffle." Send him a polite note telling him how much you appreciate his efforts to move this project forward.
You can contact him at :

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