Tuesday, May 26, 2009

When our youth are in engaged in a public process: let's listen to them

Sherman Willmott, Stax Museum visionary recently posted this comment on the Smart City blog. It's worth a repost since no one puts the truth more succinctly then him. Needless to say I hope as with Sherman that some of our Chamber folks were in attendance because this meeting was all about planning for a Memphis that will attract the talent that is so sought after by cities and by our Chamber.

Best said in his words:

"I wish (hope?) the Chamber of Commerce was at the meetings the RDC held last week. What I saw at the Mud Island meeting was the future of Memphis: approximately 50-75 teenagers (most with their parents!) showing up on a weeknight at a downtown government planning meeting for the future of their city!

If the Chamber understands anything about how communities grow & thrive, they will understand (from this community involvement) the importance of this skate park on Mud Island to the future of this city.

Think about it! I have never seen teenagers engaged in our political process on this level before. The group attending was just the tip of the iceburg lettuce for whom would utilize a world-class skate park on the south end of Mud Island.

I hope the Chamber "gets" it finally and gets behind this important Memphis project."

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