Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Car Collisions

When I signed up for skateboarding Google alerts the last thing I expected to receive were numerous updates on collisions between skateboarders and cars.

In the past three weeks there have been 4 fatalities and just yesterday a 9 year girl was killed while skateboarding in her drive way.

What all this points to is the need for smaller kids and teens to have a safe place to recreate while skateboarding especially as skateboarding's popularity continues to increase among younger kids. Skateboarding collisions with cars continue to confound skateboarding injury rates. Case in point: the injury rate goes down ten fold when a person skates within a skate park.

IMHO it would seem a city would be more liable for not having skate parks.

Admittedly, we all in our youth have done stupid things, but stupid behavior shouldn't be fatal in consequence. So....don't tie a rope to your friends car and pretend you are water skiing on your skateboard! Parents-keep a close eye on your kids.

Memphis needs Skate parks where stupid can be safe, constructive and fun.

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