Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Take the final Mud Island Land Use Study online survey : our two cents

Well the final survey is out for you to put your two cents on the three proposed land use study maps. Keep in mind this is a map that the RDC will use for the next twenty years to determine what will be on the Island.

When I took this survey here are the few key thoughts that guided how I responded to the survey questions.

1. Less is more: The City has invested $60 million into the existing River Park so let's invest the least amount of money on key facilities that will allow us to be good stewards of that initial investment.

2. The theme of the park is a safe family friendly place to visit : Let's build on that with recreation.

3. We have an excess of retail and restaurants in our city: Walk down Main street and count the number of vacant retail spaces. Then think about the River Park which is far less accessible and consider how well a business would do. Focus on utilizing existing River park retail space that will meet the specific needs of visitors of the River park such as a Skate shop, skate rentals, snack shop, coffee shop, canoe rentals, boat rentals, fishing gear rental etc.....

4. Access: A land pedestrian bridge from Beale Street Landing would make the South tip of the Island for more accessible. The bummer part is the cost of the bridge, but that doesn't take away from the need for one.

5. Heat: It's hot !!! A splash park, water park or a flow rider ( standing wave) or a combination of the three would be a complement/heat alternative to the skate park on the South tip when it's too hot to do anything else.

6. Playground: While the big kids skate the Moms and small kids have the playground or greenbelt path.

7. Extension of the Greenbelt: This is a no brainer even if the green built does not extend pass the security gates at least it could extend from the Auction Bridge to the Security gates. However, this is a Land use study so that means it could eventually extend all the way to the tip.

8. Skate park on the SOUTH TIP: The skate park should be highly visible and serve as the focal point of the island.

9. My favorite land use study map: is #2 then #1 and I simply don't support #3. Map two has the skate park or recreational space on the South tip.

Here are my top 4:

1. Skate park on South Tip
2. Playground
3. Extension of the greenbelt
4. Splash park/water park

Have fun!

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