Friday, April 23, 2010

The Final 3 day push in May to win a skate park for Binghampton!

We are still rallying for April but we'll push hard the first three days of May to get into the top two positions.

If we hit the top two spots in the first three days we will vote the rest of the month to stay there. If we don’t hit the top two, we’re done voting.

Vote for our partners too! They are voting for us.

We have 9 Pepsi partners so we have nine ideas to vote for each day. The “ideas” that won in April used this strategy.

To win, each partner MUST vote for the other 9 ideas.
Voting for 9 partners will take you about 1 minute:

The first time you vote for the 10 ideas, it will take you about 5 minutes. However, the Pepsi refresh site remembers what ideas you voted for so the next day you can vote for all of the ideas of our 9 partners in about a minute.


The next day ‘sign-in’ at the bottom left part of the site. After you “sign-in” the “sign-in” will disappear and be replaced with “Your profile.” Click on it and a new webpage will load with all the ideas you voted for the day before. Vote for all ten ideas. Repeat daily.

We'll vote for you!

Thank you all for your dedication for voting each day in April. If you would like to continue to vote but are a bit tired of voting we'll vote for you. Send us your name, email and date of birth and we'll vote for you. You can send your info

Here is are the vote buttons for our project and our partner's projects:

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