Monday, May 2, 2011

Blues City Skates donates protective equipment for kids learning to skate

Just yesterday Emily Ward-Markle contacted me and indicated her interest in having her new business help out the skate community. Emily and her business partner ( and fellow Derby girl!) just opened up Blues City Skates.

I asked Emily how she found herself starting a skate business.

This was what she had to say:

" I started doing roller derby about a year and a half ago and instantly fell in love with it. However, as I progressed I realized there were no local businesses where I could buy skates, get skates repaired or anything that catered to roller derby, even though the modern movement has flared with a vengeance."

So there you have it. If you are a looking place that really knows their skates and are also is very passionate about what they do then you need to check out the new shop. You can also find the shop on FB here.

As you know from a recent post on the website, Skatelife received a lot of skate helmets from the Tony Hawk Foundation but we're still in need of pads especially children's wrist-guards. Thanks to Blue City skates we'll be receiving a bunch of wrist-guards! If you come to our May 14the family "learn to skate" clinic you can thank Emily for providing the wrist-guards for your children.

We are very grateful for Blues City Skates becoming our 2nd official sponsor!


MitchSchaft said...

Cheapskates helped them out with wheels 'n such.

Bishop @ Skate Mentality said...

That is awesome that Blues City Skates is donating pads for kids to wear while they learn to skateboard! That really is "The Skate Mentality!" I am Bishop from, I was hoping to contact the webmaster of this site to inquire about posting a link on my website. My email is, I hope to hear back from you soon!