Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Thank you Germantown Parks staff

About three weeks ago we along with over a dozen skaters met with the Germantown Parks and Recreation Staff to discuss the expansion of their skate park. We met with parks staff members Pam Beasely, David Halpern and Natalie Ruffin. They met with us at 8 pm on their own personal time which says ALOT about how professional these people were and committed to doing this next phase right.

Germantown opened up their skate park , aka Houston skate park, in the late 90's. In fact, Germantown built the FIRST skate park in Tennessee so at the time it was a pretty big deal. However the park has seen a lot of use and is starting to look tired and dated.

To address the over use of the park the Recreation department was awarded 100K to expand and repair existing cracks in the concrete. After sending out a survey to the skaters to try and figure out what they would like to see built, it was almost unanimous that a concrete bowl or series of connecting bowls were the favored skating motifs. Pam received the same overwhelming response when she asked the same question at the meeting.

So we just wanted to thank them for their willingness to work directly with skaters. Expect some great new stuff to skate within the next 12 months!

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