Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Parks and Rec will build the first public concrete skate park at Tobey Park!

My apologies for not keeping the blog up to date. Here is the latest news:

Well, we finally have a location for our first Memphis Public skate park!!

The Memphis Parks and Recreation Skate Park will be built at Tobey Park.

If you would like to see the detailed report that discusses the survey results for determining the best location then click here. Overton was the recommended favorite site but in the end it would have not provided enough skate space and night skating would not be an option.

However Tobey provided these two attributes : as skaters we all want more skate space AND to be able to skate at night when we get off from school or work. In the winter, night skating becomes the only option with the lack of daylight and in the summer it 's the only time that's cool enough to skate without getting heat stroke.

Below the exact location is shown as a green box. To find this location on a google map just google
"2599 Avery Avenue, Memphis." The Memphis Parks Commission is the building just west of the box and there is a very large parking lot next to the site so there will be plenty of parking for skaters.

What's next?

This winter Memphis Parks and Rec will host the first public skate design forum where you will have a chance to give the skate park designer/builder your input for how you would like to see the skate park designed.

Other facts about the future Tobey skate park:

1.Memphis Parks and Recreation is spending $440,000 on the skate park

2.Zach Wormhoudt (skateparks.com) is designing and building the CONCRETE skate park. He built Louisville's skate park.
3.Night skating is likely but not guaranteed at this point.
4.The park will be finished sometime in 2010.


Stacey Greenberg said...

great job, aaron! this is really something!

Harvey said...


Skatelife Memphis did it! I think Tobey is a perfect place for Midtown and East Memphis to meet and skate. Kudos.

Anonymous said...

Aaron, I'd like to speak with you.
Amos Maki
The Commercial Appeal

Anonymous said...

I hope it will include space for quad skaters as well.....

David said...

Awesome, i found the link about this via The Flyer via Twitter, so the word is getting out.

tony m. said...

Thanks to Aaron and all that have been working hard to get a park in Memphis. This old skate dog is glad that you all put a lot of time and effort in this project! Hopefully we can have more parks here. I like the idea of small parks in different parts of the city. Let us show the rest of the country we can get this done.

Anonymous said...

I've been dreaming about an awesome skatepark in the midtown area, but alas I'm just an artist with no money. Thank goodness you guys are able to get this done. And with such an amazing park in the works, I hope this will mean more contests and events brought to Memphis; like the xgames or the dew tour. I have to admit that I just got into skateboarding not too long ago. No one amongst my family or friends skates except my nephew in MS, so sometimes I feel pretty discouraged. Plus, I get teased alot about being a girl who skates. But hearing that you guys are doing so much for Memphis skaters gives me a big boost of confidence. I'm determined to practice extra hard so I can represent female skaters well when the new park arrives. Great job Mr. Aaron and your supporters!